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The N&N; Global Technology (NNGT) is an organism dedicated to the promotion of scientific research and university cooperation in the field of Technology and Computer Science. NNGT is a scholarly organization devoted to encouraging all aspects of research by organizing international conferences, symposiums in addition to a prestigious quarterly journal publication. The NNGT organizes four conferences each year that provides a forum for discussing current research in information technology and computer science and related fields and offers an opportunity for people with similar interests to meet and exchange ideas. NNGT AIM: NNGT aim to provide a platform to innovative academicians and researchers around the globe. NNGT encourages research activities by organizing research training symposiums, conferences and publishing high quality research manuscripts in reputable international journals. It operates as an umbrella organization, promoting co-ordination and teamwork among researchers and academicians in terms of the expertise of participants around the world. It also intends to achieve the following objectives and get an international visibility by universities and research labs from all parts of the world. Through the organization of different international events, it brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation. The core objective of the organization include:


Organizing successful conferences has been at the heart of N&N; Global Technology for more than 4 years.

The following conferences seek to achieve the following objectives:

Upcoming Events

The 3rd World Symposium on Web Applications and Networking
To be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March 2026 (vacances scolaires)
Venue: Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira 5 * Hotel

The International Conference on Communications, Computer Science and Information Technology
(ICCCSIT '2026)
To be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March 2026
Venue: Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira 5 * Hotel

The 2nd International Conference on Communication, Information Technology and Robotics
To be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2026
Venue: Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira 5 * Hotel

The 2nd World Congress on Information Technology and Computer Applications 2026
To be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2026
Venue: Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira 5 * Hotel

NNGT Journals

The NNGT is the publisher of The IJNNGT Journals; a recognized scholarly publication. NNGT is composed of nine international journals that publish original research papers in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The aim of IJNNGT is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles. We welcome the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of significance and scientific excellence. It covers all branches of Computer Science and Technology .\

International Journal of Information Security (IJIS)

Embedded systems are increasingly becoming a key technological component of all kinds of complex technical systems, ranging from vehicles, telephones, audio-video equipment, aircraft, toys, security systems, medical diagnostics, to weapons, pacemakers, climate control systems, manufacturing systems, intelligent power systems etc. The international Journal of Embedded Systems addresses the state of the art of all aspects of embedded computing systems with emphasis on algorithms, systems, models, compilers, architectures, tools, design methodologies, test and applications.

International Journal of Computer Networking and Communication (IJNC)

Computer and Communications networks are key infrastructures of the information society with high socio-economic value as they contribute to the correct operations of many critical services (from healthcare to finance and transportation). Internet is the core of today’s computer-communication infrastructures. This has transformed the Internet, from a robust network for data transfer between computers, to a global, content-rich, communication and information system where contents are increasingly generated by the users, and distributed according to human social relations. Next-generation network technologies, architectures and protocols are therefore required to overcome the limitations of the legacy Internet and add new capabilities and services. One of the most dramatic technological developments in the era of information technology is the deployment of communication networks. This on-going revolution has raised and continues to raise fundamental challenges in the fields of science, engineering and industrial technologies. It requires new solutions, formulations and techniques for scientists and engineers from the communities of systems engineering and communications. The realization of wireless connectivity is bringing fundamental changes to telecommunications and computing and profoundly affects the way we compute, communicate, and interact. It provides fully distributed and ubiquitous mobile computing and communications, thus bringing an end to the tyranny of geography.

International Journal on E-Learning and Education (IJELE)

The International Journal of E-Learning and Education highlights the major themes in education.The term e-learning is considered ambiguous to those outside the e-learning industry, and even within its diverse disciplines it means different things to different people. In companies it often refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees and in most Universities, e-learning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or program of study where the students rarely or never meet face-to-face, nor access on-campus educational facilities, because they study online. E-learning is essentially the computer and network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning refers to using electronic applications and processes to learn. E-learning applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM. It can be self paced or instructor led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJAI)

Artificial Intelligence has been studied for decades and is still one of the most elusive subjects in Computer Science. This partly due to how large and nebulous the subject is. All ranges from machines truly capable of thinking to search algorithms used to play board games. It has applications in nearly every way we use computers in society. The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence is about examining the history of artificial intelligence from theory to practice and from its rise to fall, highlighting a few major themes and advances.

International journal of Information Systems (IJIS)

Modern businesses operate with maximum efficiency when they effectively use modern information systems and technologies. The information systems field involves the design, development, use, and management of organizational computer-based information systems to support and guide business activities. With the goal of improving system processes and organizational performance, information systems professionals provide businesses with access to accurate up-to-date information, the ability to quickly perform transactions, and the ability to analyze past performance. Information systems are both central to business organizations and are used at all organizational levels and within all functions. Information systems professionals integrate information technology solutions and business processes to meet a business’ information needs, enabling the business to achieve its objectives in efficient and effective ways. The International Journal of Information Systems promotes the emerging discipline of informatics and its research results on the methods of requirements engineering, enterprise system modeling, service design, integration, evolution, and implementation. This journal examines the theoretical foundations of new generation design tools, which facilitate reasoning regarding emerging compositions of services and bridging the communication gap among business managers and system designers.

International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)

The International Journal of Software Engineering discusses new computation methodologies in the software engineering process. For large software projects, innovative software development approaches are of vital importance. In order to gain higher software standards and efficiency,software process adaptation must be derived from social behaviour, planning, strategy, intelligent computing, etc., based on various factors. IJSE addresses the state of the art of all aspects of computational science and engineering, highlighting computational methods and techniques for science and engineering applications in the software development process.

International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

Embedded systems are increasingly becoming a key technological component of all kinds of complex technical systems, ranging from vehicles, telephones, audio-video equipment, aircraft, toys, security systems, medical diagnostics, to weapons, pacemakers, climate control systems, manufacturing systems, intelligent power systems etc. The international Journal of Embedded Systems addresses the state of the art of all aspects of embedded computing systems with emphasis on algorithms, systems, models, compilers, architectures, tools, design methodologies, test and applications.

International Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering (IJSPIE)

Although the majority of journals in this engineering field deal mainly with signal or image processing algorithms, the International Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering acknowledges the importance and the complexity of systems engineering of working signal and imaging systems and pprovides the interface between basic research, algorithms and techniques in signal and image processing/analysis/transmission on the one side and integral systems on the other side. State-of-the-art systems analysis, design, integration, evaluation, benchmarking and standardization along with the development of new algorithms evaluated towards building such systems are the primary focus of IJSPIE.

International Journal of Internet and Web Applications (IJIWA)

Realizing the need to document the current research in the Web applications, this international journal has been initiated. The “International Journal of Internet and Web Applications” (IJIWA) intents to be a high quality referred journal. In the last few years there is a growing demand for differennt web applications. As the demand for applications increase, research is now focused on many directions; to leverage new architectures, improve scalability, developing new frameworks, introducing new development platforms, building multi-tier applications, enhance scripting languages, improving filters, introducing security platforms and so on.

Available publications:

Title: The 3rd World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems 2026
WCCAIS’2026 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-8-2

Title: The 2nd World Symposium On Computer Networks and Information Security 2025
WSCNIS’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-4-4

Title: The World Congress on Information Technology and Computer Applications 2025
WCITCA’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-5-1

Title: The 2nd World Symposium On Web Applications and Networking 2025
WSWAN’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-3-7

Title: International Conference on Computer Technology and Information Systems 2025
ICCTIS’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-6-8

Title: International Conference on Communication Information Technology and Robotics 2025
ICCITR’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-7-5

Title: The 2nd World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems 2025
WCCAIS’2025 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-2-0

Title:2nd World Congress on Multimedia and Computer Science 2024
WCMCS’2024 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-1-3

Title:World Symposium On Computer Networks and Information Security 2024
WSCNIS’2024 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9511-9-6

Title:World Congress On E-Learning, Education and Computer Science 2024
WCEECS’2024 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-0-6

Title:World Sympsium on web Applications and Networking 2024
WSWAN’2024 Proceedings
ISBN: 09708-9938-9563-3-7

Title: World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems 2024
WCCAIS’2024 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-1-4799-3350-1

Title:World Congress on Multimedia and Computer Science 2023
WCMCS’2023 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-9938-9563-1-3

All Publications

The 3rd World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems

Current and Future Challenges Facing the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in the Arab World

The main purpose of this research is to int roduce the challenges facing mobile telecommunications companies in the Arab states. These challenges are mainly related to the market structure and regulatory environment. The research is based on the collection of secondary data (journals and reports) re lated to telecommunication companies and mobile phone use in these countries. The presence of the main three elements including an independent regulatory body, privatisation and competition is required to provide efficient mobile services at affordable pri ces. These three elements are lacking in most of these countries. The research provides several important implications for researchers willing to investigate the telecommunications markets the Arab countries as well as policymakers and governments’ bodies. There is an urgent need to restructure the mobile telecommunications industry and to plan effective policies in these countries.
Authors: Nisreen Ameen and Rob Willis
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.1
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-6
keywords: Telecom regulations, Arab telecom sector, Governments’ control, Mobile phone use

Autonomous UAV for Civil Defense Applications

This paper presents an autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed for Civil Defense applications. It provides operational support to fire - fighters performing their mission in difficult indoor environments in high - rise buildings during loss of communicati on between fire - fighters and base station. It augments a 2 - D indoor tracking system by providing the third dimension corresponding to the floor level where a fire - fighter is trapped. In this way, the position of a trapped fire - fighter in a high - rise buildi ng is completely identified. Other features of the developed system include the ability to recognize humans in poor visibility conditions resulting from smoke or at night , provision of a grappling trigger to carry extra load for rescue missions, and stabl e flight operation.
Authors: S.Basiratzadeh, M.Mir, M.T.Tahseen, A.D.Shapsough, M.S.Dorrikhteh and A.Saeidi
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.2
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-5
keywords: UAV, Drone, Rescue operations, Fire -fighters, Tracking.

Smartphone Application for Network Enhancement

This paper addresses the technology advances in resolving mobile network problems. We show a smartphone app lication designed to monitor mobile network performance across a country’ s road network. This is one of the latest methods used for network optimization, where the network performance is shown from a subscriber point of view rather than a drive test engineer view. The drive test results were carried out by a group of students t aking the mobile communication course at the higher colleges of technology.
Authors: Dr. Hasan Abu Hilal and Eng. Mohammad Alami
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.3
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-4
keywords: component; smartphone application; mobile network; drive test.

NUser Interface Configuration for Mobile Healthcare System

This paper addresses a user interface configuration system with “Granularity of Message” (GoM) concept for mobile healthcare system. We believe we have to improve user interface for users’ convenience where multiple interfaces are offered and can be configured for their preferences. We thus propose a GoM concept. In this paper a prototype implementation are explained, and the operation tests by the system are discussed with view of user interface improvement.
Authors: Toshiyuki MAEDA, Yae FUKUSHIGE, Masumi YAJIMA and Akiyoshi WAKATANI
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.4
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-5
keywords: User interface configuration, Mobile communication, Healthcare support, Granularity of message, Multiple interface

Coverage Prediction Analysis Techniques Employing an e-Navigation System

This paper focuses only on eLor an for maritime harbor entrance and approach. It proposes an accuracy model that improves upon the existing accuracy algorithm suggested by other authors. Th e algorithm deve loped herein calculates accuracy in eLoran for maritime and harbor entrance and approach by taking into account the delay introduced by the terrain over which the signals propagate . This research illustrates a technique of finding out if the current transm itter geometry results in better coverage or not; it recommends better location s to install an eLoran transmitter in order to improve coverage . This work is also useful in radio planning of the coverage area. The results of this work are useful for authori ties regulating traffic at sea as well as harbor entrance and approach.
Authors: C. K Lebekwe, A. Yahya and J. M Chuma
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.5
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-4
keywords: eLoran, Availability, Continuity, Accuracy, Integrity

SIMAN: a Smart Identification of MANET Nodes used by AODV routing algorithm

Mobile Ad - hoc networks (MANET) communication efficiency relies on the willingness and availability of nodes (any Wi - Fi enabled device such as a phone) participating in the network. Typical reactive MANET routing algorithm such as AODV, focuses on connecting the source node to the target destination via the shortest wireless route, (based on the number of hops, or number of intermediate nodes) irre spective of who is taking part in the transmission process. This is because AODV has little knowledge about the identity of nodes forwarding the data to the destination, or any knowledge beyond the neighboring nodes. Therefore, even a group of uniquely ide ntified nodes (Friend nodes) for example, a team of hikers, in an AODV MANET can end up using other unknown nodes to help connectivity between the Friend nodes at certain times. SIMAN algorithm is a thin layer located above AODV. It uses a mathematical con cept of prime number factorization to identify the engaged nodes inside any chosen path during the route discovery process. To achieve this, all Friend nodes must be assigned unique prime IP addresses known to each other, so to help SIMAN in the identifica tion of any neighboring Bridging nodes. A Bridging node can be any node that is not part of the original Friend nodes, but it does participate in the MANET and used at that time to help connect/bridge various clusters of Friend nodes when they are out of t heir transmission range. SIMAN enables Friend nodes, to gather identity information about other nodes inside the transmission path during the route discovery process. The information extracted from two values passed back via all nodes from the destination to the source using RREP messages using the factorization process. Simulation results using OPNET show that SIMAN adds very little overhead that does not impact the performance of AODV. Furthermore, it enhances connection assurance between Friend nodes.
Authors: Govand Kadir and Ihsan Alshahib Lami
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.6
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-7
keywords: MANET, Prime numbers, AODV, SMPR, PPN

Neural Networks: an Unrivaled and Irreplaceable Robust Tool for Mobile Space Communications

Neural Networks ( NN ) are now widely used tools, mainly used to solve recognition and classification problems. The present paper intends to show how their learning capability can be applied to adaptive signal processing problems risen by Mobile Space Communications, either in replacement of conventional adaptive methods or to cope with the most difficult cases in the domain: non linear and/or non stationary problems. A general overview of NN is given in the first section, highlighting their key features : approximation capability, learning characteristic, etc. . The second section scans majors applications to Digital Communications : system and channel identification, equalization, and linearization (i.e. predistortion). A p articular emphasis is set on selected specific examples where NNs yiel d unrivaled solutions : non linear communication systems, t ime- varying channels
Authors: Prof. Francis Castanié
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.7
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-8
keywords: Mobile communications, Satellite communications, Identification, Equalization, Predisto rtion, non-linear processing, time varying and adaptive processing.

Recovering the Traditional Street with BLE Beacons Base on Classification of Travelers

Travel is new experience far from ordinary life. Amount of i nformation before the travel and on the travel reassures touris ts. H owever , reassurance does not equal the charm of travel ing . How will we create attractive information? According to research es and data analysis of tourists, w e developed a new smartphone applicatio n that provides not only a guide to specific locations but also comprehensively summarizes the traditional customs and history of the area. We decided 2 kinds of targets; one is young or foreign tourist, and another is young student on the school trip. Our application provides information relating to Japanese traditional rules for visiting shrines and temples with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon. After the trial s at Nikko: the world heritage in Japan, we found that the BLE beacon worked well for outdoor sightseeing done on foot. Using o ur new service system at Nikko , a mere road to the main shrine became the traditional street as there were before
Authors: Yuko Hiramatsu, Fumihiro Sato , Ats ushi Ito, Hiroyuki Hatano, Mie Sato, Yu Watanabe, Akira Sasaki
SearchDL ID: 08.WCCAIS.2026.1.8
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-6
keywords: BLE Beacon; Smartphone Application; Zeigarnik Effects; World Heritage

Spectrum Management in IEEE 802.22 WRAN – A Survey

Currently, the wireless networks are operated on the basis of fixed spectrum assignment on long term licensing for specific geographical regions resulting in highly inefficient spectrum utilization. Newer wireless applications and their growing popularity are manifesting in greater demand for spectrum. Software defined radio technology employed in dynamic spectrum access mode enables cognitive radio networks to opportunistically communicate on unutilized portion of spectrum at any instant, thus facilitating wider wireless broadband access to unlicensed networks particularly in rural areas in television bands. The development of the IEEE 802.22 standard is aimed at providing broadband access in rural areas by effectively utilizing the unused TV Band, provided no harmful interference is caused. In this paper we studied the protocol architecture, spectrum management and implications of IEEE 802.22 WRAN standard.
Authors: Maninder Jeet Kaur
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.9
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-6
keywords: Cognitive Radio, Base Stations, Customer Premises Equipment, Primary User, Secondary User.

Improving Security Of Keystroke Dynamics By Increasing The Distance Between Keys

Keystroke dynamics is gaining popularity and resear chers are striving to improve existing techniques or to explore aspects that have not been given much attention. In this paper, we are providing a new means of authentication for keystroke dynamics , by using a password with different distances between the keys. The classifier used in this paper is neural network. The mean square error has been used to compute the performance of the classifier. After the analysis and evaluations of the results, it was deduced that distance of keys on a keyboard affect the re liability of the password. The mean square error of the most space digraph was in the range of 15.5×10 - 3 to 107.6 ×10 - 3 and the least distant digraph has a mean square error range of 8.5×10 - 8 to 3.7×10 - 9. In this way, it is observed that the smaller the di stance between the keys of the password used, the easier is the keystroke pattern compromise compared to larger distance between keys. Hence, it can be concluded by the larger is the distance between the keys, the more the security increases.
Authors: Purvashi Baynath, K.M.Sunjiv Soyjaudah and Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.10
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-6
keywords: Authentication; Keystroke dynamics; Neural Network; Classifier

An e-Learning Tool to Extract Rule Set from Measurement Data

One of the primary problem in developing fuzzy logic expert systems (FLES) for any given application is the extraction of knowledge base KB (rule-set) from its measured data. This tutorial-paper presents an e-learning tool to extract the rule-set from the measured numeric data. Extraction of the rule set from the measured data is a complex process. There are not many known commercial tools either. For an n-input and m-output problem, the rule-extraction algorithm is partitioned into a sequence of 7-steps. To illustrate the functionality and accuracy of the tool three case studies are presented: one, measurement of battery state of charge SOC using FLES-based impedance-interrogation method; two, classical highly nonlinear control problem, balancing of an inverted pendulum IP; and third, KB generated by some other study for the same IP-problem is compared with that generated by our tool. The measurement pairs in the case studies one-to-three were: 100, 70 and 70. In case studies one and two the rms-error between the measured outputs and fuzzy-predicted outputs were within 3.3. In three, for a given input while KBs were slightly different, the rms-error between the output values predicted by our KB and Motorola generated KB were nearly the same with less than 2.1 percent. The software generates a continuous step-by-step output simulation trace making it to be an excellent learning/teaching tool for understanding/explaining the process of rule-extraction from numeric-data.
Authors: G. N. Reddy, Mohammad Mahmudul Islam, and Samin Sobhani
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.11
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-4
keywords: Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems FLES; Knowledge Base KB; Fuzzy rule-set; Measurement/Numeric data; inverted pendulum IP; battery SOC; Impedance interrogation method.

Applications of big data to healthcare: opportunities and challenges

Recently, big data hasbecome a buzzword,and considered as one of the hottest topics in information technology. Healthcare sector started to think about embracing new technologies to solve the problem of large quantities of data. This paper analyzes the impact of adopting the big data solution s i n the healthcare sector , along with discuss ing the potential opportunities and challenges , and in more t he paper suggest s some appropriate solutions for some of the challenges.
Authors: Eman Rabiah
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.12
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-5
keywords: healthcare, big data, medical research , data utilization

BPM Related Technologies Cloud Computing

Business Process Management (BPM) is a methodology that enables organizations to identify, monitor and optimize their business processes. Organizations that wish to utilize BPM might face a challenge of high investment costs on software, hardware, and maintenance. The scalability of BPM is another issue that organizations have to deal with in order to keep pace with rapidly changing business demands. Cloudbased BPM systems overcome many scalability and resources issues by hosting and managing the BPM system on the cloud. In this research, we introduce the integration of BPM and cloud computing and showcase the business effect of cloud computing on BPM.
Authors: Nejmeddine Tagoug, Randah Altwijri and Haifa Alyahya
SearchDL ID: 08. WCCAIS.2026.1.13
Year of Publication: 2026 | Page(s): 2-8
keywords: Business Process Management (BPM), Cloudbased BPM, cloud computing, BPM system.

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